Friday, August 14, 2015

Making The Stamps

It was so fun throughout the whole process.
Yes, it took several setbacks and hurdles, but it was fun and very rewarding to see the products.
I have to say, the only thing I did not make is the rubber stamp itself because I don't own a stamp making machine. I should probably up my game in the near future eh?

My biggest challenge was making the wood mounts. I could easily buy the wood blocks and salvage some, but I needed them to be of several specific sizes. And at first I was averse to the thought sawing more than ten wooden blocks. I wanted to find an easier way, like having them cut by the frame shops since they have automatic cutters and such, but I didn't know how much it would cost, and if they'd be willing to cut 'masak-masak' stuff.

After a couple of weeks of procrastinating, I told myself to just do it.
I bought a Stanley junior handsaw from a hardware DIY fancy shop in Singapore, something I'd have difficulty finding in JB. I also bought a cuuuute mini G-clamp that fit the size of my palm.  I remember using huge ones in school for my Kemahiran Hidup wood projects.
And guess what, it was quite easy to saw! So I was very happy with the straight cuts.
However, sawing 10 blocks gave me a terrible arm ache! Not to mention the sand papering. Luckily the husband lent TWO helping hands *grins*

Next, I smoothen the surfaces, sides and all edges with sand paper. You can see the difference between a sand-papered and a raw block. It feels different too.

Strangely, looking at a pile of sand-papered wooden blocks is so therapeutic!

I feel like biting them.

So major challenge is settled! I had to make the labels for each stamp. I had a sheet of stickers printed for all the labels and I cut each of them out. I applied a coating of Mod Podge before and after sticking the labels on the blocks to give that varnished finish.

Ta da!!


I'm so hyped up. Now I have to figure out pretty packagings for these babies...


Anonymous said...

How did you cope with all these stuffs..? Your work, your home, your kids, your family, your interest... your life? How did you manage it. REally capable.. as I, myself, I can't make it. Stress, depressed with my life. I can't cope with my work & my kids... :(

I really admire you...

Ally said...

Dear, we should talk!