Friday, October 07, 2011

What Turns A Woman On

Lately, I see commercials with a new age rather good-looking well-buffed dad playing with his kids, or doing a house chore.

Do you know that's the top turn-on for women? ESPECIALLY mothers? There's something about the lethal combo of biceps, THE HAIR and domestication.

When the husband tuck the boys to bed at night or take the little one for night bike ride to chill him out, while I get to shower earlier and do whatever I need to do, my heart swells with adoration and appreciation. In other words, I'm his bitch.

That's why I LOVE this book, Porn For New Moms.

LOVE the way certain keywords are bold, like You, relax, take a nap, have a break.

It's hard to explain why. It's like these men could be out drinking/working/entertaining/playing their favorite sport/hanging out with the guys, BUT NO, he is at home, looking after the baby that you two SHARE together, not because he has to, but he WANTS to. O. EM. GEE. Can you hear my panties drop.

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Bryan Yong said...

since i have a kid, i quit gym and been doing the above. and 2 yrs im outta shape. but this article did help put smile on my face.