Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Green Crafting

How wonderful it is to be crafting all week long at work, for a company charity flea market. The best part is recycling items, and making them into something new. You'll be amazed what toilet and paper rolls can be remade as! (will have photos)

And those unwanted jewelry with beads? They can be fillers for lovely cute Five Stone beanies!

Reuse glass jars.

Are you a Padini fan? Have you collected enough Padini carrier bags you don't know what to do with them? Have your friend recently had a baby and you want to give her a pack of diapers (plus other baby stuff of course) but you don't know how to present it? Here, get a big Padini carrier and embellish it with pink ribbon. I covered the 'PADINI' word with matching pink card stock with scalloped edge and the word B A B Y hand-stamped on it. No stamps? Draw it.

Dark brown and pink is sweet colour combination. By the way, this fit a Mamy Poko Jumbo pack.

How about that for Green Crafting!


Ellen Yeo said...

pandainyer amoi ni!

Ally said...

Ish... sama-sama la.