Monday, October 10, 2011


Some news and events lately have made me ponder deeply about my life and death, and about how close you are to your life partner that you discuss about whether you want to be on life support system if something dreadful happens.

I've always wanted to write an instructional, if I would to go suddenly. I have not written a will, but I reckon the major stuff gets straightened out by law. What I'm more concerned about are the itsy bitsy stuff that law don't even want to bother with, like who gets my handmade pouches at home, sewn with love.

I guess I can start here, now, today.

1. My etsy shop.
The thing that made me sane, driven and an enormous sense of satisfaction. The cards, pouches and other fun stuff I have made since 2009 to be sold on my etsy shop, have brought me a kind of joy that says Hey, I HAVE a life!
If I go, someone will have to log in/report to Etsy to have my shop and account disabled or something. If someone just bought something, I wish the order would be delivered for the last time. I know this is trivial, but I am a responsible seller.

2. On life support.
Geez, I have no stand on this one. Would I want to be in a vegetative state? On life support? I really don't know. I guess what's practical is to just go, instead of lingering in hope and misery. I understand it is a burden. I just want to go and let my loved ones move on. But if I'm brain-healthy, and can afford nurse/helper, I guess I would want to be kept alive so I can still see my kids grow up, and I can watch all the movies and series I want. But it would be bad for the husband because then he can't really move on, can he. What if he met someone nice, I would be such a hindrance, just sitting and lying there watching DVDs all day, wouldn't it. Put me in another room, with a great sound system, and maybe a blink-activated remote to do simple tasks. Introduce me to the nice lady, please. She better be good to the boys.

To be Continued.

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