Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Toddler Run Over and IGNORED

This is not the first case, and there are probably a LOT more, not captured on video. The first video I watched some time back, of a young boy run over by a van, sent chills down my spine. At least the driver realized and stopped to help. But in this recent outrageous case, the poor little girl was run over twice, AND ignored by passers-by. Is this the state of morality in China now?

Read the full story here. Don't watch the video if you can't, I understand the mental disturbance it can cause.

There's this cold fear that radiates through your body when you are a mother and you read such news. Your mind starts to imagine your own child in that situation and at the same time you are telling your mind "DON'T. GO. THERE."

And then you go hug your kids. Real tight.


Anonymous said...

Ally, I read that news but no guts to view the video. People from that country is a bit self centred and "cold blooded". They only care about themselves. I dont know what makes them behave that way but majority are like that, but not all. You can still find nice good people there.


Ally said...

This is reality I guess. The country is SO huge you'll get a wide spectrum of the type of people there. Either very cruel or very kind. I think this is true for other countries as well.