Monday, January 15, 2007

Weekend in Penang

My family and I flew to Penang to attend my cousin's wedding. Daniel flew for the first time! My first time flying too.... on AirAsia that is. Not bad I'd say! Smooth take-off and landings, nothing too dramatic for the little one to handle. And since he figured out all seatbelts work the same way more or less, he fastened his own without any introductory lessons.

The afternoon was spent eating char kuey teow, oyster omelette, penang asam laksa ( damn shiok!) and lot of lap chap side dishes... if only the hotel served those during the wedding dinner! It was so unfair at the thought that I was having typical 10 course boring dinner when I'd rather be eating those hawker food outside, and sweating and getting dirty with my hands!

Once you have a kid, every outfit you wear to weddings no matter how elegant it is, will be (un)matched with a huge toty sports/baby bag. No more glam matching clutch purses. Well, the Marry Poppins bag may be out of place, but it has everything you'll ever need to survive for 10 years in a bombshelter.

Social butterfly at work:


Kean Hong said...

which hotel? eh..let me bayview? Equatorial?

Anonymous said...

When my little ones and I go out, I stuff everything I need in my jacket.

That solves the bag problem. It creates a "fat Dad" problem, though.


Ally said...

The wedding was held at Evergreen Laurel Hotel. We stayed at Goodhope Inn, just behind the hotel, walking distance.