Friday, January 05, 2007


I gave up blogging since last Tuesday. Super-slow connection I think is equivalent to no connection at all! I can't help wondering if the end of the world is indeed looming near. Natural disasters are increasingly fiercer and weather is becoming strange sometimes. Who would imagine a small town like Kota Tinggi flooded like this.

Poor mom, lamenting that natural disasters have been occuring during her birthdays, tsunami being the worst. But that didn't stop me from whisking her off to the new largest mall in Singapore called VivoCity.

It was huge alright. For the first time in many many years, I shopped ( and window-shopped ) for 10 hours non-stop!! Amazingly, I wasn't tired! Well, not that amazing really, because the little monkey wasn't with me... hee hee. But everytime I see other kids his age, I just miss him so much. My mom is also quite 'geng' hor!

We headed to Food Republic for lunch first before embarking on our fiery shopping spree. Food Republic is the new-ish modern food court concept where all the best food stalls/signature dishes in Singapore are housed together.

I must say that the design was incredible. The entire place was made of old antique-ish furnitures and decors from the past century, and brightened up with modern contemporary Victorian-styled lights and shades. There was even this whole line of old wooden doors! You may still be able to see these kind of doors on old colonial buildings or row of old houses in places like Malacca. How nostalgic!

My mom saw this Thunder Tea rice and told me it's a traditional Hakka dish.

She says "Girl!! You married a Hakka and you don't know ah?!! Get a set and learn how to cook it"


This is how it looks like before you pour the bowl of the Hulk green basil leave sauce into the bowl and mix it real good.

As you can see, it's made of taufu, long beans, some green leafy vege, fried anchovies and peanuts. Looks weird. But surprisingly, it taste good!

Not going to show our shopping bags (mostly hers). Scary.

The wonderful experience ended with a hot spicy dinner at a Thai restaurant. There's my contented mother.


Angeline said...

eh i've had that dish before a long time ago. My piano teacher at Tun Aminah used to cook it all the time.

Can't believe Kota Tinggi flooded until like that...shakes head.

Anonymous said...

Your mom look so young and so good!
I'm impressed at her ability of taking care of herself.

I'm from Singapore and have not tried Food Republic. Should go soon, the food you post about look so YUM!

By the way, i am Hakka too. =D