Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Water Baby

Babies and water are like peas and carrots, burger and fries, laksa and seehum. Ecstatically inseparable. Not surprising, since they spent 9 months in it.

That's the great thing about living in undesirable hot and humid tropical weather, you get to dip in the pool anytime you want!

What I heard on the radio today:
This navy leader from Singapore was among the chosen ones to participate in a sail on a replica of the ship seen in the movie The Master and Commander (the one starring Russell Crowe, and a cute little boy had to amputate his arm, remember?). He shared one of his most memorable moments.
" There was this night when the storm was very heavy, and the crew had to climb the rig to pull the sail down due to the strong winds. One crew member puked at another member's face. But the crew is very understanding, even when you puke at each other's face, they don't complain"

So it's ok to puke at each other's face when the weather is bad.


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cf said...

should that be Russell Crowe in place of Kurt Russell?


Ally said...

Thanks cf. Freudian slip. Maybe I have this thing for Kurt Russell... hmmm, eeww.