Wednesday, January 17, 2007


I'm reading a science paper, and all of a sudden, I lose myself. I look up and I forget who I am, where I am and what I am doing here. I let go of who I love most, who I hate, what I love most, what I hate and I feel, for a brief moment, nothing. I feel nothing. Just plain nothing. How fascinating is that. It could be what they say an enlightenment.

Like when you're in a yoga pose, maybe in a rather challenging pose that you've been practising for some time, and out of nowhere, this sensation of being at ease in that pose is attained. No strain, no pain. Just at ease.

How priceless is a moment of stillness, in this life race. I had no past to haunt me, and I had no future to worry about. No opinions, no judgements, no worries.

Then I felt this urge to blog. Pooof goes my enlightened moment.

Oh, where was I on the science paper... ah yes... Introduction.

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Angeline said...

FLOW - they call it being in the flow, my dear - read Mihaly Czikzenmihaly.

Hope you had a great day!