Wednesday, January 24, 2007

How To Accidently Cook a Gai Tzao (Wine Chicken)

Accidents make wonders sometimes. Look at this one.

That's not the point actually. I was preparing dinner last night, and one of my dishes was this simmered chicken in soya sauce and a bit of wine and whatever-I-can-rummage-out-of-my-super-ingredient-drawer. This recipe is courtesy of a colleague's cookingexpertmom which I modified. Now, this bottle of lovely wine, was personall made by my late mother-in-law, oh bless her, for my confinement two years ago. I think it's rice wine, and some aunts also made grape wine, right at their own kitchens! The only wine I know how to (accidently) make was forgetting to wash my rice cooker pot for 2 weeks... garnished with funguspores.

Here's how to repeat my disaster that turned out to be quite palatable:

1. Marinate chicken pieces ( I used chicken wings ) in a pinch of salt and sugar, sesame oil, soya sauce and a bit of wine in a mixing bowl, for 20 minutes if you're rushing, one whole day if you're not.

2. Crush some ginger with a pestle if you have one, or a chopper, like how Mr. YanCanCook does. With one super stroke.

3. Heat a pot, add cooking oil. Fry the ginger, then add the chicken, and continue frying for 5-10 minutes.

4. Add a bit of water, keh chi (those little almond-shaped reddish orange coloured seeds called wolfberries) and wine.

This is the part where you pretend you're going to add a bit of wine, but accidently pour out more than you want. That is how you practise agaration (agak agak la!) How? You hold the bottle of wine above the pot, tilt your wrist to pour, then as if you have wrist spasm, you jerkily twist your wrist summore. THAT is how you achieve wonders.

You may keep bottle of wine next to you while cooking, to sip if you like.

5. Simmer for another half an hour if you have time. Add more salt or wine if desired.
6. Serve with pride.

Disclaimer: Not reproducible. This is only a guideline. Keep alcohol away from children.

p/s I will take picture next time.


Anonymous said...

Hmm. Seems delicious.

Love the image.


Angeline said...

sounds yummy, dear.

thanks for the recipe.

i really think that i will try it.

have to shopping for some keh chi at chinatwown.