Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Marco Polo Kitchen @ Bukit Indah Johor Bahru

Last weekend, I stumbled upon Marco Polo Kitchen at Bukit Indah while looking for a place to eat lunch. At first glance from the outside, I saw potential.

You see, unlike KL or Singapore, big city kan, JB doesn't have a list of authentic good fine dining places that we can be proud of. Those of the international cuisine kind. Sure, we have MANY Pekin restaurants all over, and ONE Chez Papa, the authentic French restaurant at Taman Pelangi. There's also this Rosmarino Italian restaurant that I went to once. There were probably some that came and went (closed down). That's about it. I don't count those at hotels because it's not fair. Haha.

SO. When local folks see chic places like this, we try it, yes? Yes.

They provided some crayons and a colouring sheet for kid's entertainment. Mummy approve!

I don't know food critic's jargon, so I'll just use my own words. AWESOME!
I'm also no food connoisseur, but I think I am smart. Always order the vongole to set the benchmark. Hahaha... ok la, maybe unfair.

This is the authentic Italian pizza crust. Not like Pizza Hut, please.

Some random decor lamp at a corner.

The prices were reasonable. We spent about RM70 for 3 main courses and a salad. Buuuurp!

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