Friday, April 04, 2014

The Causeway Traffic

It's been crazy. It now takes TWO HOURS to clear the CIQ and the Woodlands Checkpoint. And I don't think it's because of the security-related incidences that happened recently. I find that the passport checks are still the same as before, not any slower, not any faster.

I think it's the significantly increased volume of lorries, busses and cars ALTOGETHER. The notorious motorcycles you ask? They are always there, needless to say. Our beloved causeway cannot cope anymore.

There was this time when I started the queue jam at 5.30 am from CIQ, and when I reached towards the Singapore side at about 7am, it was CLEAR!!! It is totally baffling!! You could almost see everyone's face go 'WTF?!'

Wow, imagine those wasted accumulated hours... I could have sewn 50 bags or something. *__*


Lokman said...

And I thought the rush hour traffic in Penang was bad. The only reason I could think of is that the working group has increased.

Ally said...

You're right, the number of people commuting to Singapore for work has increased 10-fold!

Anonymous said...

Those good days are gone where we can clear the tuas checkpoints within less than 30 minutes. I like the old checkpoint near woodlands. When the bus and car lanes are so jam, we can actually walk across to JB. But now they don't allow that anymore.

Will be good if a MRT line is built between JB and Singapore.


Ally said...

Now it takes 45 minutes to clear Tuas checkpoint, not to mention another 30 min to clear the M'sian side.