Monday, April 21, 2014

Pasar Karat or Bazaar Johor Bahru

Bazar JB, Bazaar JB, Pasar Karat JB. They all refer to the night flea/vintage market at Sungai Seget area. It starts from Jalan Tan Hiok Nee where there are always events organized by Tiong Hua Association, all the way to Jalan Sungai Seget. That place is a party at night!

Many stalls there sell unique stuff. I saw stalls selling used baby strollers, car seats and scooter-skates, a lot of hand bags, A LOT of shoes and T-shirts, watches and unwanted chargers. Only one stall caught my attention.

I don't know the stall's name/brand, but it sells antiques and anything vintage.

Old cameras.

There is even an Olympus microscope!

The vintage enamel pot was my favourite.


I didn't buy anything from that stall, maybe next time. But I did walk away with a humoungous rock on my finger. *gush*
RM10 from a random stall. I love cheap thrills. Heheh.

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