Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Small and Medium Creative Businesses Struggle

Stop rent hikes from killing small firms.

The article above says everything I have always wanted to say.

Property developers are the cruelest greediest opportunists.

They buy and clear lands, build projects after projects, houses, commercial buildings, sell them for prices that are escalating higher and higher.

Where can people like me go to? People like me who has this hunger for a creative space to grow, share and spread my passion for arts and design, hoping the society will benefit from how art can sometimes change the way we look at the world. Somehow I believe this can make our world a better, nicer and easier place to live in.

The typical rent of an old rundown shoplot at Jalan Ibrahim, Tan Hiok Nee or Dobi is about RM5000-RM8000 a month. Is that even possible to earn more than that selling zakka homewares, stationery and such? No way. But don't people WANT to see more of creatively designed shops selling interesting stuff? If rent were lower, we could see more of these on our own little town.. wouldn't that be nice? People will get less stressed, happier and more chillaxed...

Only the developers can dream of this themselves...

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