Thursday, January 09, 2014

Motherhood and Sarcasm

Some time ago, a colleague showed me a small picture book she found in the library and it cracked me up. Here are some of my favourite pages...

 This one looks creepily like Kirsten Stewart


Anonymous said...

Nice Book Ally.

Actually many people who are not in our shoes think it is easy business to become a woman. Seriously, we have more work than man and less rest. Men can come home from work and rest. We need to continue with housework, etc etc.

Sometimes, I too feel like breaking down and just sit and cry till I feel better.

Nowadays I take some vitamins like fish oil tablets, drink more milk, eat well. The type of food we eat can affect our mood. So, we may not feel so bad after a tough day.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ally,

Since you like art and craft, you can consider this shop at arab street -

Was there for lunch last week and saw this shop when we were walking around. They have a great deal of ribbons n other stuffs there.


Ally said...

Totally agree Sally! It's tougher to be women now! We have to provide for our families AND do the never-ending housework as well...

Thanks for the tip!