Thursday, January 02, 2014

Happy 2014

Happy New Year!

I think I had a fabulous 2013. I had enough to wear, enough to eat, enough to get by and that sounds great if you ask me.

And I'm starting to think about my financial future ie. my retirement plan. I have some money parked in those mutual funds but I'm starting to think about what else I can do to make my money grow. But based on my past investing-experience, I have no luck! Every time I put my money in a fund, it drops! Aiyaiyai..

Maybe I already have fortune right in front of me... my family and my fabric... hahaha.

Well, let's have an awesome 2014!

For the fun of it, I created an excel spreadsheet of my expenses in 2013. Have you ever done something like that? Thanks to my journal-keeping habit, I write my expenses down, and the result is startling...

Major expenses:

Groceries from Giant = RM 5380
Groceries from wet market = RM 7800
Pharmacy/Milk powder/Doctor = RM 4713
Eating out = RM 3123
Clothes/Shoes/Bag/Accessories = RM 2868
IKEA = SGD 718
Home = RM 1845
Crafts = SGD 697
Gifts = SGD 1008
Foodstuff = SGD 588

And then there's the fixed monthly expenses:

Car = RM 22,200
Tol = RM 2274
Petrol = RM 5200
VEP = SGD 5383


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