Thursday, January 23, 2014


It's one of those nasty PMS moments again. I wish the husband knows what to do but he just pushes my buttons more and more. I'm angry and he's blur. I become uncommunicative and cold, and he doesn't know what I want, and he doesn't ask, and I interpret it as he doesn't care, and I don't want to tell him because I'd expect him to take the initiative. Oh vicious ding dong.

SO. The Chinese New Year is in 6 days.

The bathroom door is broken.

There are ugly wirings in plastic tubing sticking out of the garden.

There is still no washing area at the garden corner where he said he'll do.

The gate lights/wiring are screwed up but nothing has been done.

AND. He still has time for golf and drinking.

Last month, he widened the gate for better feng shui, you know, wider gate, more luck can come in.

But let me tell you this, ANY good feng shui won't work when you have an angry wife.


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