Thursday, January 16, 2014

Mid Century Modern Trend

I just love the creative IKEA Hacks people have done around the world. While I have done my share of hacks, but it is mostly small projects, and not furniture (yet!). Yesterday, I saw a table on the IKEA website and I really love that IKEA is keeping up with trend! It's the mid-century modern furniture style trend!

Say whaaaat?

Say it with me. Mid-century modern. Think our parent's era. Remember the 3 seater bamboo/wooden framed sofa with 6 cushions in big gaudy floral covers? Sometimes it came with the 2-seater or single armchair set. If you'd slouch on the sofa longer, the cushion you sit on will shift slowly to the front until your bum lands on the row of rods... hahahhah! I remember removing all the cushions, turning the sofa frame upside down and pretending to be in a prison.

Now, the trend is the same sofa frame, re-upholstered with simple striped linen or just a solid colour.

That's why I bought this book. From Amazon.

I think the main characteristic about the design, is the legs of the furniture, usually slanted outwards and tapered. Like this new TRENDIG table from IKEA.
 By the way, this table is RM790 in Malaysia and SGD349 (RM 893.44) in Singapore.


I must say, IKEA is keeping with the blogosphere on IKEA Hacks because it is getting popular. This site is a prime example. It's the 20 Best IKEA Hacks of 2013. I can't wait to see the best in 2014.

My favourite is this LACK table turns mid-century hack.

The details can be found here.

And then recently, I saw this. From Scanteak Singapore. It's the PROLOGUE collection. LOVE LOVE LOVE! But I think it's not comfortable relaxing in this one. I like to curl myself on a soft cushy fabric sofa when I've relaxing or watching the TV. I think I'll stick to tables and consoles.

And how about chairs? Oh I love em chairs. Like this one from houzz.

I hope some furniture designers in Malaysia have enough foresight to start new designs. In fact, I was thinking of starting a furniture makeover movement here. I see some shops selling second hand furnitures or those from shut-down establishments. There is one in Sutera Utama shoplots, and one called Woodpecker at Tampoi Indah. I see lots of potential in some of the furnitures there.

So... I bought this book! Also from Amazon.
 It's very inspiring but I'm still browsing it casually. I don't know when I will get down and really do it. The materials and tools recommended in this book are actually quite hard to find here. Most of the time, the dude at the hardware shop don't know what I'm talking about.

I have a tad too many dreams at the moment...eeek.

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