Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Police Force; JB vs Singapore

Having worked in Singapore and living in JB for more than 10 years, this is how I feel about the police force in the two nations.

Traffic police in JB makes traffic worse. Singaporean traffic police mostly will ease congestion or direct traffic appropriately.

I feel scared when I see a JB police although I didn't do anything wrong. I feel safe with a Singaporean police even though I did something wrong.

JB traffic police hide between the bush at the PLUS highway with speed cameras, pointing at traffic's direction (shoots the rear of your car). Singapore traffic police sit safely and clearly on overhead pedestrian bridges with speed cameras, pointing against traffic's direction (shoots the front of your car).

JB police are nowhere to be seen when they are needed the most. Singapore police appear almost everywhere even when they are not needed the most.

Why JB, why?


Anonymous said...

Hello Ally,

You work in Singapore and live in JB? How long is the travel time and do you get sick and tired of travelling like that daily?


Anonymous said...

Hi Ally, I am working in Singapore & commuting everyday like you for the past years! I totally agreed to what you wrote & wonder why it had so much different considering both countries had so much history in common! Perhaps it has something to do with "willing to learn & willing to change", when one refused to progress, nothing good will develop. I wish all of us a better home for our next generation!

Lokman said...

It's not just JB. It is happening throughout Malaysia.

Ally said...

Hi Sally,
It takes an average of 1.5 hours to get to work. There will be point where you get sick of it, but I persevered. After that it seems like second nature to me. I'm used to it now, just like how KL folks are used to the jam too :)

Hi Anonymous and Lokman,
It is something we are not proud of isn't it. The sad thing is, no one can change or beat the system and mindset in the Malaysian police force. It is so powerful and permanent, like a culture. Sometimes, I think we should be the one taking care of our own safety instead.