Friday, September 14, 2012

A Saturday Afternoon

To play with a kid, you gotta be a kid yourself. And I think a mini 'house' is every kid's must-have. I used to make one out of the cardboard box that came with my new fridge. Truth is, boys LOVE to play house too!! I made an interesting observation whenever I bring the boys to the Kid's Park at JUSCO where children can play with arcade games and there is a soft playground for younger kids. One of the attraction in there is a mini kitchen and supermarket (at Bukit Indah, Johor Bahru's branch). It's made of very thick cardboard I think, those industrial ones, and it's pink. Guess what, I saw more boys playing in it that the girls! They would cut up the toy vegetables (two halves held by velcro, isn't this a genius idea) and go around the kitchen like Jamie Oliver. I find this so endearing :)

This observation led me to another observation. I realize that the only things I remember about kindergarten is the mini playhouse and the playground. Play. I was the happiest there.

So, this colourful one is a hand-me-down and it matches his toy car. Darren has played in it now and then but only very recently, I created a real mini home for him. A cooking set and a little sleeping corner are all it took to magically transform it.

I taught him how to 'play pretend'. We'd go to the market (our kitchen) in his little toy car, and he'd buy a box of toy fish from me, then he'd go back and cook the fishes, and he'd serve me and we will have a little fish party.

I am tempted to get a REAL stove cooking toy set. But they are all in pink :(
So, there went my entire Saturday afternoon! Domestication Lesson 101.

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