Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Motherhood.. and McDonalds

Motherhood changes a woman, whether she likes it or not. Some of these changes are good, the rest, bad. Take me as an example. I was a timid, non-confrontational insecure girl who lived in her own world made of dreams. Cannot blame me, I'm a Piscean. Pisceans make the worst friend so they say, and they pick their noses when they drive. I have never read a horoscope that described me so well. And they tend to be distracted or diverted somewhere else, like the time I bought shoes instead of ... oh fish divert again. Pisceans swear a lot too (self declare).

ANYWAY... motherhood has empowered me. It has given me the strength and confidence I never knew I could have. The experiences I gain being a mother can never be compared to the ones I gain at my workplace. It also gave me an immense capacity to love. When you have that capacity, your whole world changes.

Now, the bad. Motherhood also gave me a scalp that could radiate these tremendous wave of heat and anger in mere milliseconds. And children, regardless of age, can see this angry heat wave because they have special vision. I think. The natural reaction is to scold. With great capacity to love, comes great capacity to holler. Even if it's running upstairs to your bed, covering your head under the pillow and shouting it out. A mother needs to let it out sometimes ya know. Children, how adorable and joyful they are, can also ignite the most fearsome fury in their mother's heart.

After years of being pushed to the limits, I have learnt to NOT tolerate unfair services. Like one rendered to me at McDonalds Petronas Skudai. I will elaborate this next because it deserves a post on its own.

SO, motherhood is a wild ride. It's awesome and can be tiring sometimes. No, I take that back. It IS tiring but you don't hear all the mothers admitting that, because deep down, at the end of the day, it's just love.

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