Thursday, February 10, 2011

To My Dear Boys (About School Bullies and Suicides):

It's no joke. I get very disturbed when I hear or read news about youngters' suicides. It is a mother's greatest fear and sorrow. If one of you EVER do it, I swear on my beloved sewing machine that I will carbon-monoxide myself, hunt you down and wallop your cranium to pieces.

Really, it's no joke.

Suicide is still a rather sensitive topic despite its increase of late. No one wants to talk about it openly, and I think that is not helping the society at all. Like everything else, kids need to be educated on this. And like everything else too, a lot of factors lead kids to this path. One of them is school bullies.

They come in many forms. Most of them, without the horns and tail. But boy, are they devious. These soul-snatching asswipes are the mother's worst enemies. SO, please don't be a bully, or I swear I will wallop your cranium to pieces, and burn all your comic books. But if you are victimized by one, God help me, I will form a tribunal to bring 'em down. I told you I get very disturbed.

OK, I think there are mainly two forms of school bullies. First, the physical type. They use physical intimidation. They may or may not be bigger and chunkier than you but they have bigger guts. They DARE to wallop you. This, I can't help you. You can either fight back verbally with your brains but I reckon they won't understand, being ninkampoops that they are. But I'll let you in on something. I heard that once you fight back with gusto, they stop bullying you immediately. I have also heard of this advice given by a father to his son, "Don't fight, try to avoid it if you can, but if you gotta fight, you must win".

Second, the mental type. Ooohhh, this one is the real killer. They may hurl you words that sting and damage your self-esteem and confidence. They may make fun of you in front of the entire class, they may spread embarrassing stories or lies about you. And worse spread them on Facebook. Of course this is worst case scenario. I believe things won't get this bad. If it does, let me know. Another tribunal.

I end this with a quote.

First they ignore you,
then they laugh at you,
then they fight you,
then you win.
- Mahatma Gandhi

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