Friday, February 25, 2011

Darren is One...

...this Sunday!

He has 6 teeth. You can't see the 4 upper teeth unless you do the facelift on him.

He climbs stairs. And the couch. And to the TOP of the couch.

He took his first two steps last night. It was surreal.

He points to wherever he wants to go or whatever he wants.

He LOVES food. And remote controls. And phones.

He puts his hand onto his ears like a phone when you say Hello?Hello?

He opens and closes his palm when we say Bye Bye!

He does a mild head-bang when he hears catchy music and when we say Dance Dance!

He loves to smile.

He is ticklish.

He enjoys going out. ANYWHERE out of the house.

He looks adorable when he cries.

He adores his big brother. It is mutual.

He is absolutely a charm.

Happy Birthday sweetiepie.


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Thank you! hugs and kisses for your little barb Erika