Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Send-Me-To-Outer-Space Stick

This thing here is probably one of the few inventions in the world that has never failed to wreak a woman's nerves (and her man), whether it is a wanted or an unwanted outcome.
Do you remember collecting your SPM results? Or STPM results? Or receiving your acceptance/rejection letter to your University of choice? THIS is 100x more exhilarating and scary. It is THE examination result of your entire life! My heart had beaten so fast and hard that it thrusted out of my chest cavity ala Alien.

You know these things are so fast these days. In the instruction leaflet, it says wait for at least 3 mortal minutes. But in reality, the line becomes visible within nano-minutes. They're like GTI sticks! Before your heart even have the chance to launch itself out ala Alien, you will be able to see emerging line(s). Just like checking online Magnum4D results on your iPhone.

Now, your man was probably next to you the whole time but you never notice him. Your mind is SO focused on the stick that you don't want to see any other sticks at the moment.

This stick has given me some of my best and not-so-best memories. But I tell you one thing for sure, no matter what you felt then, after 9 months, it is THE best outcome you will ever experience.

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Sharon said...

well said ally! hope it's a girl for you this time!! :)