Monday, January 31, 2011

To My Dear Boys (A Little Surprise)

I felt like I broke a promise to blog more this year. Well, your dad and I had a little surprise on New Year's Day that sent me on an emotional roller coaster ride. That little surprise is now 9 weeks 3 days old, 1 inch long, and has a heartbeat of 160bpm. And that little surprise is also making me feel sick. So here we go again, the nausea, the reflux, the excessive salivating, the affinity to my bed and the whole caboodle of first trimester nightmare. Why can't I just skip to the part where I eat like a cow.

But this is the most important part I want to tell you. So please remember ok?

I will love you both as much as I have always been, if not, more.
There will be some trying times when I need to concentrate on one of you only, but trust me, your place is forevermore secured in my heart until the day it stops beating. No, no, even AFTER it stops beating.

OK? Luv ya heaps.

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