Thursday, January 13, 2011

To My Dear Boys (About Women):

There will come a time in your relationship when your lady gets a little.... well, psychotic. To you, she is psychotic, but to a woman, she is tormented like a crab in boiling water. And the reason could be due to YOU not hugging her enough, and 328 other factors.

I don't know why, but women are complex creatures. At some point in our lives, not ALL the time, we fight with our inner-monster. It's like we have this complexity quota to achieve in our estrogenic lifetime. I, too, went through a psychotic phase with your dad. And strangely, I don't remember why. Well, could be due to him not hugging me enough and 328 other factors. And strangely also, I KNEW I was being crazy but I just couldn't control or snap out of it. But most of the time, after the phase has passed, I'd feel stupid. Childish, possessed, illogically stupid. And I'd end up with this, "Why oh why did I create a misery for myself".

So, just cut her some slack. She probably just wants you to rub her feet and say things like "Baby, I'm sorry I can't make things better, but just want you to feel better. Everything will be okay soon, I promise". Because almost always, it does.

Remember, a hug a day keeps the demoness away.

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