Wednesday, November 03, 2010

The Korean Kiss

We all love to watch a good kissing scene, don't we?

Lee Min-Ho, you had a lot of girls (and dudes) swooning at this scene in Personal Taste. Yes, the hubbie and I have been keeping our nights busy with Korean drama (men secretly enjoys these kinda rom-com shit). After this kiss scene, and not breathing for 2 minutes, I turned to the husband and said "How come you never kiss me like that".

I am impressed. I mean, in Korean dramas, the kissing scene ALWAYS sucks, literally. Their lips touch and then they become kayu. They freeze, with eyes closed, lips together, awkwardly. My 5 year-old can do better. I dunno man, are Asian actors still a bit conservative and shy to really kiss onscreen? Ang moh actors different, they play tonsil-tennis like hi-five. We cannot compare porn stars and chaste virgins. So, really, I think the Korean drama industry has come a long way. Now, we can look forward to the lead characters having sexual relations like what real humans do.

Pucker up!

ps. The OST for this drama totally rocks!

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