Friday, November 26, 2010

New CIQ, New Bridge

Me is impressed with government of Johor.

I took the bus into Singapore for two days just this week. It was my first time stepping into the shining new CIQ building and it feels like an airport! Law enforcers were patrolling the area, custom officers were always standing by to render assistance, cleaners are cleaning... and guess what I saw at the reception counters, help desks, customs&quarantine counters and whatever other counters they have there... guess, guess... give up? PEOPLE! There were actual people manning these counters all the time. In uniform, courteous, prim and proper, all ready to take you seriously if you need help. Awesome shmawesome.

There's another difference I noticed in these two days. The commuters, the crowd. They seem to be more civilized now. Even the labour workers who used to push, shove, cut queue, and spit. I used to think that these group of men are exactly like simple organisms with simple brain function, which is to get to their destination regardless of ANYthing in their way. Maybe there are still these 'organisms' around but I didn't see them at all :)

Another thing also about the crowd, are the ladies! Boy are they getting fancier and fancier! In fact I felt inspired to dress up. Last time you'd think twice wearing a mini skirt because some lowlife organism shoving and pushing to get into the bus might leer at you and undress you with his eyes. But it's so different now. You won't feel so visually violated anymore. More girls are wearing fakelashes and they have big eyes like Japanese lolitas, something along that line. I felt like I was in Hong Kong!

On the way to City Square, I peeked out and saw that the new bridge has finally opened for use.

*harps playing*

Everyday I pray for better days ahead, for everyone. Amen.


kim said...

i still dont dare to take bus into spore, sekali punch the bus-card wrongly how? mebe u can hold my hands and take me in for a trip in when i go back for hols in Jan/Feb

Ally said...

Yes Grandma.