Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Artistic Parenting

Do you know who is Jason Schwartzman? Do you know his actress mother Talia Shire? Me neither. I don't really care. But what got my attention was what I read about what he said on a radio interview, plucked from this blog.

"But, at a young age, what I really did witness, because she never forced it upon us, but I witnessed how movies and music can be nutritional, I guess, to a person. I would come home from school; she would always be downstairs with an old movie on. Every room in our house had a different book open, face down. There would be music on in one room, even though she wouldn't be in it, and she would kind of just go from room to room and pick up and read and go and listen and go downstairs and watch. She needs that. It's still the same way. If you go to my house, the same house I grew up in, she's there with movies on, music playing and books everywhere. And so I witnessed how important these things can be to you."

I guess you can't really teach art to your children, they have to witness it!

Since I became a mother, my world changed. My priorities changed, my perspective changed, and even things that upsets me or stresses me out changed, like when I lose my phone, I go "Heck, what's a phone anyway, I have a baby to NOT lose for the rest of my life!". And then comes the essence of my role as a mother.

What kind of parent would I want to be?

I'm not talking about disciplining and stuff, but yes, they do matter, but by and large, it's the things you want to teach them without teaching them. Imagine, your entire life is part of their education! So, I want to be a little bit like Talia Shire.

My boys will one day look back at all the stuff I had made at my little craft office at home and that will be their memory of me. How beautiful is that!

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