Thursday, October 28, 2010


Influx of foreign workers into Singapore to fill in positions like bus drivers, cashiers, customer service personnels etc..

...leads to

Overcrowded sardined MRT trains during peak hours...

...leads to

More locals buying cars to travel...

...leads to

Heavier road traffic everywhere.

And then LTA decides to hike up ERP. Sometimes I pity the Singaporeans. The government seem to be herding them to a little corner and extort protection money from them or something. Malaysia not any better. Did you hear about the clown who said they don't need the Chinese and Indian votes to win? Way to go, Datuk Jo. We will always be in this race battle because faeces and humans cannot communicate.

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Angeline said...

Hahaha....faeces and humans indeed. Congrats on your new Volkswagon, babe.