Wednesday, October 13, 2010

To Those Who Has Left This Year

I dedicate this post to those whose lives meant something in one way or another in this world.

To my colleague's close friend who succumbed to cancer, leaving behind 3 young children.

To the newlywed blogger who was battling cancer and succumbed.

To the little big-eyed baby with congenital complex heart defects, who brought short-lived joy to his parents, particularly his adorable blogger mom.

To my schoolmate's 2 year-old daughter who had pneumonia.

To the 4 day-old infant who lost her life from a monkey attack.

To the lives lost in the North-South highway tragedy on 10.10.10.

We all came into this world in one way. But we leave this world in many possible ways.

This is a horrid year. I just want to hide under the covers and cry. My heart goes out to the parents, and close family and friends of these lives who didn't stay long but nonetheless had permanently etched a place in their hearts.

May their souls rest in peace.

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