Thursday, August 12, 2010

Parenting is not for the Selfish.

Someone I know recently proclaimed that she has decided not to have children of her own. As a parent, I tried to debunk her impressions, that it's not all that bad as it sounds, and of course, the immense joy, love and blablas. But somehow, amidst the soft debate, part of me supported her decision. A part of me was saying "Yeah, you go girl. Go travel, go see things we mothers of young children would never have time to see, go for food adventures that we mothers would not have the chance to go for because 'little James don't take spicy', go for that movie we mothers can't bring our kids to because it's PG13, I mean, just go man, go!"

But there are more than that. Children not only restrict your lifestyle (in fact they change it entirely), raising them is no longer as easy as what it used to be 30 years ago. Yes, the world has changed. Melamine was found in infant formula. What else? Plenty.

Parenting is, really, a matter of perception and expectations. It is a love-hate relationship. Sounds familiar? I love my kids to death but sometimes I just want them to vanish for awhile!
The difference is this. Happy positive parents focus on the love part, therefore, parenting is a joy and all heartwarming stuff. Stressed up unhappy parents sees the hate more than anything else, therefore parenting is shit and tiring. Nonetheless, it is a tiring job. And it. Never. Ends. It's FOR life.

So, for those of you who are childless and/or decided to be free, here's something that might reinforce your stand.
All Joy and No Fun : Why Parents Hate Parenting.

It's a loooong read. But a good read. For me, I'd choose this journey all over again.

Happy Weekend y'all!

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Kean Hong said...

ya, parenting is for life. Sometime u r tired and wish for a rest, but the little ultraman and wondergirl never let you have the time to enjoy, for even 5 min. But , still at the end, you will still love your kids, very much. a feeling that cant describe in words.