Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Justified Expenses

I almost bought an iMac AND an iPad.

Just because.

But the Goddess of Reasoning whispered to my beautiful ears, "Honey, you don't need those. You Apple whore." So I decided not to.

And the most amazing thing happened after that. I found justification to buy other things! The Goddess says to me "Go ahead, buy this shirt, you saved $2500, so what is $19.90? That's right, take that debit card out." Suddenly, spending $19.90 on a stupid shirt isn't stupid anymore.

I also got my camera fixed. I miss my compact Ixus. I could carry it everywhere and could at least snap pictures of the recent active road developments in JB while stuck at jams, and share it here. But the lens are stuck in a jam too. $230 to replace lensa. But it's justified!

Also... don't tell Daniel I got him the UberMegaCool Electronic Buzz Lightyear with laser lights, voiceover and retractable wings.

I'm such bad influence on myself.

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