Monday, August 23, 2010

Daniel Doodles

I gave this little blank notebook to Daniel when he was 3.5 yrs old, just for fun ( actually I wanted to throw it away as useless trash). But what I got back was pure delight. He draws and doodles on it whenever he felt like it. And I'm always amazed at how kids put their imagination and impressions on paper.

Pig and pig-bunny hybrid going on a date (L). Super pig (R).

A girl with painted toenails.


Someone with mascara holding a cellphone., probably breaking up with her boyfriend.

His recent impression of a tornado. I thought this was awesome.

Now this was the mother of all art, to me. After he drew this recently, I asked him, "Oooh, mummy love Daniel?". Without a blink, he said " No, this is Daniel love mummy"

I turned into a pile of mush. This is why we have kids.


Favbabe said... love love the last pic and what he said :)

Ally said...

Soon you'll be mushed by your little girl too :)