Thursday, August 26, 2010

What Have We Done

Dear Little One,

We are sorry you never got to see the world.

We are sorry you never got to see a mother’s smile and her tears of joy for the first time, to hear her coo and sing you a lullaby, and to feel her warm fingers surrounding yours.

We are sorry millions of people saw grisly photos your little lifeless body in places a baby shouldn’t be.

We are sorry your only memory about life is the cold hard floor.

We are sorry you never got to make friends, to learn how to read, to find love, to dream and to achieve it.

We are sorry your life ended even before you could stand up for yourself.

We are sorry we did not enforce enough laws to protect you.

We are sorry we have been so busy with our lives that we fail to see that we all play a part in this society to raise a new compassionate generation with good sense and values.

We are sorry that in this era of information and advanced media, we fail to see that our children need our guidance more than ever before.

We are sorry we fail to see that the most important sex education begins at home, with open-minded, honest, accepting and loving parents.

We are sorry we are not taking enough responsibility to teach and to reach out to our children.

We are sorry we have failed you, little one, when you have done nothing, nothing at all.

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