Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Wished I Had A Clone

The most stressful time of the year for me has come. The hectic Chinese New Year (this applies especially if you are married with kids) and the annual Scientific Advisory Board Meeting. My workload at home and in the lab tripled. I have but one body. This year, the meeting is held in Bintan. Having a kid comes in handy because I have an excuse NOT to stay the night. My smartass unmarried colleague's excuse was "I have to watch my house". I ask her, "You dog ah".

On the 1st of Feb, a major event took over our lives and changed it in a way we never imagined. For a few hours, then everything was back to normal.

His first project in school. 99.9% done by teachers. It's a broom by the way. To sweep away the cookie crumbs I guess.

Did he cry? Oh boy he did. He wailed when I left the school. Same thing this morning. He cries when he sees me leaving, cries for a while more until it's breakfast time. Then he is kept busy with activities for the rest of the day. Another step in the journey of life.

I will be heading to Seremban today, and possibly Ipoh on Thursday, and back in JB on Saturday or Sunday. Any gatherings?

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Kean Hong said...

come to kl la. i am not going back to pg this year.