Monday, February 25, 2008

My Day Today

Quote of the day: There's no such thing as a wrong decision. (You wouldn't make a decision, knowing it is wrong isn't it?)

It has been an emotional roller coaster ride for me. This morning was the climax. My angel boss whom I've been under for the past wonderful 6 working years announced his future endeavor in another company. He is the kind of boss who spoils the market, just like the ad exec who spent RM54k proposing to his girl on public billboard on V-day.

I had a nightmarish weekend. So this morning, it almost felt like a shock therapy. Daniel has been throwing tantrum fits since Friday. It's unlike his normal tantrums that ends quickly with some distraction. It felt as if he became this different being, like he's possessed. I thought he just had a tiring and overstimulated day but there seems to be more to it.

We'd start the day fine, him, being his usual happy self. Then something little will trigger his hour-long crying stunt. Any amount of consoling, talking or giving in did not help at all. When that stubborn brat wants something, he wants it! But even after giving him what he wants, he still continue his fit. He becomes this angry toddler who is stubborn and persistant and unreasonable. This I didn't understand at all. It's probably the ultimate demand of attention.

Let's see if you think he deserve a slap with this scenario that happened yesterday evening. I was preparing dinner, by the sink. He comes over and want to wash his cup on the pretext of playing with water. I let him. Then when water starts going into my washer, the water at the sink goes a little slower (piping system liddat wan). HE IS NOT AMUSED AT ALL LOR! He kicks and protests. I turn it to the max already. He kept protesting and crying. I explain a godzillion time to him.

Me: (turning on the tap to it's fullest) SEE, it's on


Me: Open already!


Me: See, this is off (turns off the tap), and this is open (turns on the tap)


Me: Look, it's open to the max! Come and feel it! (gestures him to prove my claim)

D: (pushes my hands away) OPEN OPEN OPEN!

Me: (xian)


Me: (ignores him)

D: MUMMIEEE MUMMIEEE MUMMIEEEE (repeats this chant for the next one hour, ONE HOUR)

He'd resist any comforting but eventually he'd calm down and then he's back to his sweet adorable boy who understands things! Why? Why? Why?!

Tell me, macam kena rasuk right? It has never happened. At one point, in desperate measures, we brought him to a temple to sweep an amulet up and down his body seven times, burn the amulet, mix it with water and make him drink it. Being a Christian, I never believed in doing it, so imagine how desperate I was. Well, it didn't work, that I can tell you.

SO, we've decided to stop school for him. Obviously, he is not ready. At least we tried. He was so interested in going to school before this when I introduced nursery to him for the first time last year. Or so we believed.

After analysis, and still analyzing, I think it's the complete separation from his nanny. Plus, many factors pertaining a new environment, new caregivers, new friends, new life. It could also be a 'transition into toddlerhood' which occurs at around his age, around 3 years old (information courtesy of Angeline, the mama trouper). Tantrums, aggressive behaviour, defiance, you name it, they got it. Terrible twos/threes. I think it has begun.

But something made my day today.

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Bubbles said...

Happy birthday again!

And after reading that, I'm even more scared to have kids. How do you handle a situation like that? If it was work, there's always ways to solve the problem. But if it's you own child doing soemthing u can't explain, how do you deal with that? Motherhood scares the s**t out of me!