Monday, January 21, 2008

Gloomiest Day

News of the day: Heath Ledger is dead.

Traffic at the causeway was non-threatening and smooth today AND yesterday, even at 7.30am. Being a seasonal user of the causeway and the usual route to work in Xin-jia-puo, road traffic is so embeded in my life. It's like a stock market that will determine if you'll waste or save half an hour. Same for KL drivers I bet.

Daniel will officially start nursery on the 1st of February at NURI education centre, Danga Bay/Straits View. And yes to all you mothers out there nodding at what I'm about to say, the separation anxiety will be mostly on my part. I think I'll be the one crying at the front gate, reaching out to him as he is escorted into his classroom, screaming, "Baby baby I'll be here, mummy's here, NO, DON'T GO! COME BAAAAACK" as my eyes tear over the sign 'No Parents Allowed'. That'll be my proudest moment.

What I heard on the radio this morning, some psychologists formulated that the 3rd Monday of January is the gloomiest day of the year based on several factors.
1. Most likely to have the gloomiest weather.
2. Post-holiday monotony starts to sink in.
3. Christmas bills starts to arrive.
4. People start to break their New Year resolutions.

January is also the hot month for divorces, suicides and depression.

So, if you're one of 'em feeling very low and horribly depressed, imagine what teachers have to go through marking these papers..

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