Monday, January 14, 2008

A Typical Saturday

Quote of the day: Going to church doesn’t make you a Christian anymore than standing in a garage makes you a car.

Let's see, I jump-started Saturday at 9.30am going to the Larkin wet market with my sweet little boy who obediently held my hands all the way. Market wet and slippery that's why. I love this market. It's the largest. Which means competitive prices, and more variety. Bought my groceries, breakfast and coffee for the hubbie who slept in. Came home, sorted my groceries in the fridge, fed the boy and myself breakfast. Did the first batch of laundry. Served hubbie his first important meal of the day. Watched Barney. Played hit-bubbles-with-plastic-racket at patio and some other toys/games. Did second batch of laundry. Bathed the little one. Fed him and myself junk food. Called a Singer Sewing Machine company to come have a look at my antique Flying Man sewing machine. Watched KTV-inspired-young-foursome-songstresses-singing-ChineseNewYearbeat-tunes. Because the little one fixates on young foursome songstresses, therefore under the spell of long concentration that tires him out, he falls asleep. Baby napped, mummy napped a bit while the hubbie goes out to run his errand. Woke up, started preparation for lotus root soup and dinner. Called daddy dearest to come over for dinner, but he was in Surabaya. Called mommy dearest to come over for dinner. Don't get me wrong. I don't favour my dad over my mom. It's a complicated 'scheduling' courtesy of separated parents. Hubbie came back to feed me junk food. Singer sewing machine specialist arrived to evaluate my antique Flying Man sewing machine. He took it back to his workshop. I asked him how much the sewing machine is worth if I trade it in, he said "You give free also people don't want la nowadays". And I thought it was priceless. I continue dinner preparation at full gear. I love my kitchen. It's airy and bright. But I always have to look out for cats that sneak in and steal marinated fish. Did my third batch of laundry. Fed the little one junk food. Played and cooked intermittently. Served dinner. Cleared the sink. Played more with the little one, hang out with mommy dearest. Cleaned the little one up, changed into his pjs. Took a shower. Watched Barney and played. Read bedtime stories. Lied beside him until he slept. Spent some private time with the hubbie. Tidied up little messes around the house, actually this, I do it in between any other activities, or at least I try. Sit at my art workshop and do some hands-on. Dozed off snugly in my new king-sized humongous bed.

PHEW. A typical weekend for mua. Just thought I'd share this mundane details of my mundane life. Nyahahah.

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