Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Romance Never Dies

On our first anniversary, the hubbie made me cry. He remembered, but lacked the planning effort to romance his *fantabulous* wife. His contingency plan included a sobbing wife in the nearest cozy little steakhouse he could find, which he claimed made him felt like the worst man on earth. Thanks for screwing up our first anniversary which I happened to place an utermost importance on. But the best thing about feeling hurt a few hours is the days and days of apologetic affectionate stunts that followed and the joy of smirking.

This year, his beloved mother left us, on our anniversary. I've cried on my anniversaries consecutively. How cool is that. There was a moment when I felt angry. From now on, a supposedly happy day filled with warm loving memorable thoughts will always be shared along with sad ones. Sigh, call me a perfectionist.

Last night, the hubbie made me smile. I came home to a pleasant surprise in the form of a dinner-for-two lamb chops.

Actually, the sweet juicy honey tomatoes made me smile.

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