Monday, November 20, 2006

Maternal Instinct & Reaction

On one of the days during my MIL's wake, I demonstrated a mere maternal instintive reaction that was deemed negatively by my sis-in-law, H, who loves kids but does not have her own yet.

The baby and I, hubbie, H and her bf were at the table, just chilling out and snacking, when I noticed Daniel holding a small clear bottle containing a few tablets that was my father-in-law medication. He was screwing and unscrewing the cap, like he usually does with anything screwable. THEN, to my horror, I saw his mouth moving as if he was chewing on something. At that time, he also had swollen and sore gums, of which could be the reason he was trying to sooth himself by moving his tongue around in his mouth.

Now, if he was your flesh and blood, what is your first reaction?

Like duh... search his mouth right? I bloody know for sure that I did it as gently and swiftly as I could because of the fact he was having a sore mouth too. But the essential life-or-death point was to ensure he had not swallowed any of the pills. NEVER ever underestimate what adult medication can do to a small child.

So, our lovely H commented that I gave him a big scare. Maybe I did shocked the little one, who wailed after my finger-sweep-in-the-mouth stunt, but HELLO? Did I not mention life and DEATH consequences? And by the way, during the wake for 3 days, Daniel was not himself, he became this totally different baby who wails even when you make funny faces at him. So, as expected, he would definitely wail after my good-intention act of love.

There was a hint of insult that I did something wrong to my child, like I don't know how to be a mother. Like I scared him intentionally. Like I enjoyed it. F.

What's worse than being judged by other mothers? Being judged by a NON-mother. F.

Being a gracious person, I soon forgotten about it, until last weekend. When I arrived home (Seremban),

FIL: How is Daniel? Is he OK now?
Me: Yes, better and back to his usual happy self.
FIL: That's good. He must've been disturbed a lot during the commotion last week.

H: Ya la! Frightened him summore by 'korek-ing' his mouth!
Me: (Super-stunned and silent)

I never did managed to regain my composure to defend myself. I was literally on fire. I MUST BE THE DUMBEST MOTHERLY ASS ON EARTH.

Again, being the dumbest gracious person, I dimissed it and didn't have any grudge towards her at the end of that day.

I hope some day, when she brings it up again, I will be calm enough to stun her the way she stunned me.

I also believe that what goes round, comes around.


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Anonymous said...

Yeh sister in laws can be a pain.Stay away,the best ignore

cf said...

you did good, no issue. grace and capacity will define you.


Kean Hong said...

diff thinking, diff brain... diff culture

even tongue and tooth so close to each other sometime also kena bite la the tongue, so... biasa lah