Sunday, April 24, 2022

Business and social online platforms

Being mid-forties starting an online handmade craft business in this digital era is quite a challenge, albeit an exciting one. It is also quite tiring! Especially if you are a paokaliao one-man show ie. design, brainstorm, make, amend, improve, take LOTS of good photos, take videos, list on Etsy, list on Shopee, list on Lazada, upload on Facebook page, upload on Instagram, upload on TikTok, blog, promote, promote AAAAAAND promote.

*catch breath*

So. Many. Platforms to keep track of.

Seriously, to learn all these, I have to delete 7 years of childhood memories to make space for new information storage. I'm now a screwed up adult. Heh.

Where was I? Oh yes, social media platforms, that have conveniently become business platforms too. I just created an account on TikTok and making videos last week, showcasing my handmade goodies for the first time. All the while, it has been photos only. Clean white background and my trusty digital SLR camera. With videos, a good tripod and smartphone is all you need. It takes me on average 5-10 minutes to record some satisfactory videos.... BUUUUUUT, 30 minutes to choose the song! HAH! 

And then after uploading, I'm back at the main feed, I got hooked on the endless scrolling of funny POVs, funny cats, funny kids FOR 3 HOURS!

So addictive this TikTok. Very bad.

Oh, after uploading on TikTok, it will automatically direct me to Instagram to upload as well. ANOTHER 3 HOURS of scrolling through funny POVs, funny kids, funny cats, funny animals, amazing destinations, touching stories. 3 hours of laughing and crying.

I'm so tired.

Anyway, here are some new creations I made.

Casual handbags with key hook inside.
Decorative concrete oval trinket trays.

Elegant pretty cards with pocket sleeve inside to hold vouchers or cash note gifts.

All these are available on:

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