Tuesday, March 01, 2016

SangKaya, Kone and Evangelione @ Jalan Dhoby/Tan Hiok Nee

I absolutely adore an outing at the old town. It's just so quaint with a good mix of retro and modern cool hippiness. I still dream of owning a little shop there one day.

It has become sort of like an ice-cream haven there. I SCREAM FOR ICE-CREAM!
The signs of global warming are: SangKaya, Kone, soft-serve By Grace and TIP, The Ice-Cream Project. And what's fabulous is that they are all different and special in their own way.

We tried SangKaya at Mount Austin previously, and now there's another outlet at Jalan Dhoby. But of course!

Simple, minimal, rustic industrial interior.

Then for the first time, we tried Kone.

The basic chocolate. With dry ice smoky effect.

The Macho. Green tea soft serve with Japanese dango, azuki beans and 'corn flakes'. This is my favourite.

The Henna. Chocolate soft serve with lava molten cake, bits of brownies and passion fruit puree.

A nice private little area, but it's hot there.

After soft serve overload, we ventured to my favourite little shop, Evangelione.

Some treats for mua. Precious postcards.

Her miniature project. You should really check this out, her blog post on this amazing miniature atelier.

Hmm, it looked like there was a break-in. Haha.

Evangeline's bunny in the display shopfront.

If you ask me, it's a perfect date. I'm happy as a bunny with carrots.

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