Thursday, March 17, 2016

Letters To My Boys: Be the best buddy for each other

I never knew what having a sibling feels like until I had the two of you. You probably don't realize it but I'm always watching...

Watching you play together.

Watching you annoy each other.

Watching you fight with each other.

Watching you forget everything and laugh together again.

And I realize how more important it is to be close to each other as brothers, than it is with me or your papa. As a good friend once said, we won't be around forever, and when we're gone, you still have each other and you will be the closest person in the world to each other.

Though you guys have bad clashes all the time, I know deep down, you care for your brother, and love him very very much. Daniel, you may not remember this, but when Darren was about 2, he had a bad phlegmy cough and the doctor used a ventilator to help him breathe better. Darren hated it and was screaming, kicking and crying. You watched in tears, and left angrily. You were angry at the doctor and nurses who 'forced' the ventilator mask on him. I knew then how you love him.

Remember the time Darren sat at the back of my bicycle and got his heel badly scratched by the moving wheel? He screamed and cried. You watched in tears, went home straight to your room and wrote a letter. You said you were sorry you couldn't protect your brother. You were sorry you couldn't stop the pain. My heart melted. Darren was limping for a couple of days, and for that couple of days, you did not tease or annoy him at all.

Darren, being the younger brother, I know how much you look up to your gor gor. I can imagine how it feels. For as long as you can remember, gor gor is always there, as someone to play with, someone to spend the long days at home with, someone to do something with, someone just beside you all the time. Like a buddy.

Whenever we buy something for you, you'd always ask for another one for gor gor. You are always thinking of him.

These days, you like to sing pop songs, albeit indecipherably. You'd sing alternately with your brother. Daniel would start the first line, Darren would do the second and so on. It is so endearing to hear you sing to your hearts' content.

Stay this way, my sweethearts. This makes me the happiest mom.

One of my favourite picture.

Both of you playing 'The Happy Song' duet. 

And also, you don't know this, but when you guys are asleep in your beds, I look at you and I feel like I love you so much that I want to inhale you.

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