Monday, March 21, 2016

Angry Bird Activity Park @ JBCC KOMTAR

Yesterday, according to the boys, was the best day ever. Any days with theme parks, are the best days ever.

Just to share...

The map. Looks big, but it's not as big as I expected it to be.

I'll start with the 'baby' section. These paddle-less bikes are so cute. Toddlers use their legs to push. 

The toddlers' terrain. Haha. By the way, the park is aaaaaalll carpeted. The baby section's carpet ground feel softer. Like walking on thick cushion.

 Nobody followed the 'Below (5) Years Old' sign.

The angry-go-round.

Ball pit for babies.

 Some fun building blocks to form interesting creations.

Angry bird games.

The thinking game, where you have to step on the answer to simple mathematical quizzes. The boys played for 30 seconds. Hahah.

I think this is the most fun section for everyone. Similar to Zoom Park, you can dive into a sea of foams.

And some age-appropriate trampolines.

This is fun too. Pretend you're trapped in a building on fire and you have to jump down to a large air-filled safety pillow. 

The usual playground with lots of tunnels, chambers, tubes, nooks and crannies. Good luck finding your kid in there...

Bicycle cart track.

Soccer interactive game.

Scooter track, for above 10-years-old.

Aim-and-shoot game.

My happy boys! 

What people say is true. There's nothing that makes you happier than seeing your children happy.

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