Thursday, June 11, 2015

Make a Wedding Ang Pow Box

You know, when you really have a passion for crafting, you'll make stuff 
even for people you have never met. 
For free!

So this was for a colleague's friend. Her wedding is looming near, I bet she's a bridezilla now.. har har. And I hope upon seeing this ang pow box, she will hear soft chirping of birds and angels playing harp.

SO... for 200 guests, I rummaged for this 30cmx30cmx20cm unwanted cardboard box. 
Recycling is good for our earth ya.
I used a CD to trace the circle, and then cut it out.
And I got some wadding/padding/batting from Daiso.

 Measure the 4 sides of the box and cut the padding
 (in a continuous strip that covers around the 4 sides)

And then 'wrap' the front side of padding with dreamy creamy satin fabric. 
I used glue here. No sewing.

Adhere the padded satin around the box. Let it meet in the middle of one side of the box, instead of the corner.

Trace the circle on a sheet of padding that is cut to the size of the top.

And do snip around the circle according to the drawn lines here.

Glue the sides of the fabric to the padding like that 'wrapping' step just now.
Then place it on the top of the box and glue the many many flaps under the cut out circle on the box.

The edges were exposed, and even if I am covering the sides with lace, I thought it looked ugly. 
So I blind-stitched the sides.

So much better.

Sew a string of pearls like this.

 I had this strip of gorgeous romantic Chantilly lace to glue the sides. 
And another smaller lace for the circle.

Final touch. The happy couple's names, hand lettered. If you can't write modern calligraphy, just print the names in a fancy script font and stick it on the front of the box.

I hope the bride likes it, and everyone put in MORE moolah!

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