Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Evangelione's Soft Launch Opening & Pop Up Store

T'was last Saturday, 30th May. Two days before that, I found out the dollmaker was having her soft launch and a pop up store, so instantly approached her if I could have my handmade goodies there. And she said yes! It felt as if Martha Stewart said yes... oh I'm still reeling from the thrill. The actual fact was that I just wanted to inhale her entire shop...hahah.

The night before, I prepared my tags, price tags and namecard. I also frantically had my shop description re-written on my Facebook Aruri's page. 

On the day itself, I woke up a little feverish, but I just had to go through the day as planned, because I have waited for an opportunity like this since I set foot on Jalan Tan Hiok Nee and ever since I followed Evangelione's blog. How amazing is this, I'm going to finally meet the dollmaker herself AND to display my handmade stuff on my beloved street! Just too good to be true. So no little fever was going to stop me.

Frankly, I groggily packed my merchadise and wondered how am I going to lug them and the two restless boys to a tiny creative space, with no arcade entertainment and stay there for 5 hours. And we haven't had lunch. And I don't know how it was going to be.. awkward, or surprisingly soulful. But as I said, nothing was going to stop me. I just wanted to go. And bless the husband, who came back in time to lug us to Jalan Tan Hiok Nee. That's why people always say, support from loved ones are very important! 

We reached before 1pm, right in front of her shopfront, which I realized was just opposite BevC. Daniel was my logistic assistant, and Darren was my PR exec (pillar of confidence). I always get a little jittery when I meet new folks! 

The moment!! I finally met Yeo MeiYing and she is so down to earth! 

She calls herself Tako Evangelione. That's her, second from the left, and her lovely artisan friends, Miss Heather (in pink), KURI handmade leather goods (two sisters on extreme sides), and Joan Wong (in polkadot), owner of Naoj's handmade bead jewelry.

Everything about her and her shop was so rustic, simple, down to earth, homely, handmade and heartwarming. She quickly set a space for me to display my goods, and after that I excused myself for lunch with the family first. Just a few shoplots down the lane, we had simple delicious noodle soup and yong tau hu. Then the husband took the boys back while I went back to Evangelione's.

My day had begun. I was there, soaking every magic and inhaling the space of awesomeness in that tiny cozy little shoebox. 

The illustrations are the work of her brother. It's the genes I tell you.
There weren't many of her dolls on display. Oh I was disappointed. I was so ready to give her my money...haha.

That's Heather, who does watercolour painting. And next to her are handmade storage/display wood cases!! ZAKKA!! Tako bought wood panels from Daiso and made them herself. In fact that day, she effortlessly made a simple display rack for Joan, in 30 minutes. *jaw drop*


Sigh.... this girl, has my dreams too. Someday, I would love a creative space like that. Small, breathable and filled with limitless imagination.

Oh, did I tell you? I sold a fish plushie toy, a five stones game set, a wristlet and a card. Evangelione herself sold almost all her dolls on display! She had avid fans especially from Singapore. One lady came by herself despite her friend's omigod-JB-so-dangerous warning, JUST to buy her dolls, and then go back. WHAA!! All the way...

Most of the folks who came are her followers and some are passersby who looked as if they saw a candyhouse... it was so fun watching people passing by and taking pictures.

My dream is finally coming true for the little magical Jalan Tan Hiok Nee. And my ultimate dream lives on... 

Till we meet again!

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