Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Happy Moms vs Angry Moms

I came across What Happy Moms Do That Angry Moms Don't.

First of all, I think angry moms are not directly angry at her children. An angry mom has issues she is dealing with and it makes her stressed, tensed, worried, frustrated and unhappy. And we all know that dealing with children is whole issue altogether, so when an angry mom is already trying to cope dealing with her internal issues, how is she going to be this happy lovey dovey sweet talking mom? Ya ya, you can do it if you try, there are ways to do this, you say. But it. Is. Hard.

Anyway, here are what happy moms do or don't do:

1. Happy moms don't expect perfection - I learnt this after 3 years.

2. Happy moms make you happy - I think I do...do I?

3. Happy moms pick their battles - in another words, close one eye, let go of the little trivial things.

4. Happy moms are honest - my glaring eyes means they are going to get it real bad.

5. Happy moms play hard - I used to play hard with my firstborn, then I got really tired.

6. Happy moms really listen - Yes, this I do.

7. Happy moms teach - Yes, I do too.

8. Happy moms choose to be happy - sometimes I don't realize we can choose to be happy. If one can choose so easily, then this whole world will be a happy place, right? So, don't bluff me here.

So, my conclusion is, a happy mom is a happy person first. A happy person is a happy mom, happy wife, happy worker, happy daughter, happy daughter-in-law, happy aunt and a happy friend.

So settle that internal issue first, if you can.

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