Monday, March 16, 2015

Quaint Cafe Earth Heart in Old Johor Bahru Town

Recently, I passed by a really retro cafe at Jalan Ibrahim. I fell instantly in love! How could you Eh He!

photo courtesy of Peggy Loh

Please do read the very concise write-up from Peggy Loh's blog. It is AWESOME! Basically, it's a cafe AND an art exhibition space upstairs.

I didn't want to take photos of the art pieces, you know, artist's rights. Please go see it! But here are some photos of the cafe's interior. Lots of exposed brick wall, half cemented, post-war look!

The bar on ground floor.

The sitting area on the upper floor. 

Unique ceiling lights made of wood branches and hanging bulbs.

Looks like handmade benches and table.

This is by far my favourite piece in the room! It looks EXACTLY like my grandmother's cupboard! Notice the legs resting on round-containers? Those are filled with water back then, to prevent ants from going into the cupboard.

Mural art by a local artist.

Lots of little cute plants!

I had this black sesame waffle, SERVED IN RETRO ENAMEL DISH. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

Pity I'm not a coffee drinker (heart rate goes berserk) but according to my aunt who is a coffee drinker and lived in Japan for 20 over years, the coffee she had was so-so only. 

If you love raw, rustic and zakka look, you'll love this place. Hipster cafes, keep coming! 

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