Thursday, March 26, 2015


There was a pool project there, so off we hopped again...

Compulsory artistic flatlay... konon. The boys found hermit crabs! Don't worry, we didn't bring them home and kill them.

I kinda love this photo. Emo hor? The gentle quiet joy of bonding.

The ONE thing you must alway do around tonnes of sand. 

See the sandy neh nehs? Celaka this boy ordered "BIGGER!"

This time, we found something unusual washing up the shoreline. At first I thought these are plastic wastes.

But they turn out to be blue button jellyfishes! They are so beautiful yet I felt 'geli' going near it. Sorry I no Steve Irwin.

Till the next time folks!

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Julie said...

How cute! The boys in the sand. And those jellyfish are not like anything I have ever seen! We just visited the Chattanooga Aquariums and they have a huge jellyfish section. I dont remember these. They must not come to the south eastern shore of Florida either. Very cool!!!